Kate Pullen Draws


Typism 2019


After attending Typism for the last two years, I was very excited to be invited to join seven other speakers in 2019’s conference.

Besides the talent that is always guaranteed at Typism, along with the slick running of the day, one of the things I particularly love about this conference is the attendees. Although incredibly nervous to speak myself, I was definitely calmer knowing that, every time I’ve visited the Gold Coast for this event, it’s been surrounded by a truly open and welcoming community.

I decided early on in my planning that I wanted to chat not just about type, but also my battles with anxiety and how that has fed into and impacted on my work. And perhaps some of the nicest moments from the day this year were chats with people I had never met before, about their own experiences in this arena. Having trouble opening up myself, I really appreciate all those who were brave enough to come and talk to a complete stranger.

Of course suffering from Imposter Syndrome (which happened to be a bit of a theme for the day!), I often wondered what I was doing there at all, and was in complete awe of my fellow speakers: Nikita Prokhorov, Kiel Tillman, Larry Stammers, Moya Carroll, Kate Hursthouse, Melissa So and Sophie Brown.

An incredibly big thank you to Dominique Falla, who organises Typism each and every year, for having me join the family in 2019.

Kate Pullen