Kate Pullen Draws


Beyond the Streets


On a recent whirlwind trip to NYC I managed to see all of one iconic NYC landmarks. No Empire State Building, Central Park or Top of the Rock for me. But I did manage to fit in a sneaky musical, and Beyond the Streets, an incredible street art exhibition in Brooklyn.

What was especially great about this gem is that my visit wasn’t planned. One minute we’re at breakfast, the next we’re heading into this huge show, with so much work you could easily spend a couple of hours lost in the building.

From slabs of actual concrete covered in graffiti, to a wall of colour-coded spray cans (drool), it packed history, skill and a whole lot of inspiration into one exhibition.

Featured up top is some of my faves, DABSMYLA, in a collaboration with Birch and Bone (photo taken by Gabby Lord).

Kate Pullen