Kate Pullen Draws


The Letterettes x Giulia McGauran


For a while The Letterettes had been busting for a new uniform and girl band group shot (obvs). We’d come a long way from our very first headshots – taken in an incredibly old black-and-white photobooth outside Flinders Street train station! Giulia McGauran is a studio mate of Eliza’s, one helluva photographer, and an all-round bubbly, kick-ass human, so it was a dream to be able to work with her.

Pink, black and white remained our brand colours, and of course letters had to feature. We had previously made our own fabric (featuring a variety of drawing tools), using this for headbands and neckerchiefs, so they stayed put, too. Boilersuits were also must-have item (very cute, super practical, ultra comfy).

We had a rough idea of what we wanted to achieve (and were excited to be guided by Giulia’s magic), however we very ambitiously decided to both paint boilersuits and backdrop and shoot group and individual shots all in the one go. Oh, the optimism! With our go-getting attitudes (read: we simply didn’t know when we’d all be in the one place at the one time again so this was it) and Giulia’s patience, we got there! Well, halfway there. It’s impossible to see here, but we only painted the front of each suit, figuring that we wouldn’t be shooting our backs and we’d put that one back on the To Do list. Smokes and mirrors perhaps, but we were time-poor and it got the job done!

A huge thank you to Giulia for making this possible, for her always-positive energy, and for her intergalactic-speed editing skillz.

Kate Pullen