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My first brush with Ecoline markers

Using the Ecoline brush pens

Using the Ecoline brush pens

Tombow was the first brand of brush pen that I ever picked up. Since then, there have been a few love affairs and, like many relationships before it, it really is about finding your perfect fit -something you feel most comfortable with, and something that is going to best meet your needs.

Officeworks Fitzroy has recently restocked their shelves with an impressive array of art products (over 7,000 new products, in fact), including Tombows and, analogies aside, when venturing in this time I decided to try something a little different.

This is where we get a little nerdy. The Ecoline brush pens aren’t dual-ended like the Tombow, and they have a slightly bigger brush. However, I would say the flexibility of the brush nibs is pretty on par. What drew (couldn’t help it!) me to the Ecoline range was the range of colours, and the natural gradient the pens create, depending on how much pressure you employ. This isn’t incredibly unusual when talking brush pens, but they do definitely give a feel and appearance of a ‘real’ brush and ink.

Looking through the colours and testing out a few hues, these thoughts are exactly what spurred on the summer nights piece; exploring gradients in both the individual letterforms as well as in the two words (by using different colours) was a lot of fun. And of course, what’s a lettering piece without a little gold embellishment?

Check out the impressive range of all things arty at Officeworks Fitzroy for yourself at 230 Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy.

Or view some of the range online: www.officeworks.com.au/school-art

Kate Pullen