Kate Pullen Draws


b. 1986, HK.

Art direction:  me /  Paper Pencils:   Kashia Kennedy  /  Photography:   Mark Lobo

Art direction: me / Paper Pencils: Kashia Kennedy / Photography: Mark Lobo


Kate Pullen is a Melbourne illustrator and letterer who can't drink caffeine, making her choice of profession and home city seriously questionable. 

In between sipping soy hot chocolates, training her english staffy Vince not to bark in the car, and scouring Netflix for the next engaging-but-not-too-full-on crime drama, Kate draws letters. They might be for a mural, a book cover, an ad campaign, or created live with girl group The Letterettes.

Kate's aim is pretty simple: to use images and letters to communicate a message, to make people happy. They also provide an outlet for the almost-daily existential crisis (helloooo millennials) that continually swings between 'You can do it! Aim high! You're wasting precious time!' and 'Put yo' feet up, you deserve a break, have a Kit Kat'. 

Want to talk work, discuss a collaboration, or recommend a good TV show? Please say g’day.

Select Clients

Bonds / Mimco / Westfield / Hardie Grant / Harper Collins / The Body Shop / Disney / Nike / Who Gives A Crap / Melbourne International Comedy Festival / Melbourne Theatre Company / Frankie Magazine


Four Sons Magazine, 2018
Frankie Magazine, 2018
Word-Form, 2017
GoodType, 2017
The Design Files, 2017
AIGA Eye on Design, 2016
AGDA, 2015
Desktop Magazine, 2015
The Design Kids, 2014
Typism Book
Semi-Permanent Book, 2013


Typism, 2019
Top Designs, 2016-18
AGDA Dames & Dumplings, 2018
AGDA First Five Out, 2016
UNCOVERED Panel, 2015


The A to Z of Things I’ve Pulled Out of My Dog’s Mouth, 2018 (solo)
Praise You, 2017-19 (group)
Golden, 2015-16 (curator)
Fourplay, TDK, 2014 (group)
Not For Rental, 2013 (group)
Lepus Australis, 2013 (group)
Threesome, TDK, 2013 (group)
Weird, OK!, 2012 (group)